Residential Relief Foundation - Frauded me out of 995.00


residental relief foundation mailed me a letter voicing they could help me get my home interest rate down and when my previous mortgage cpmpany taylor bean and whithker filed bankrupcy when fha pulled out my loan fell through the cracks several months later jpmorgan/chase said t hey bought my loan .residental relief voiced they could help me through this sistuation i paid them my monies and now they under invesgation i just want my monies they took from me.i have my bank statment where this monies were depoisted the holdness law firm i have been dealing wiwth this sistuation since june 0f 2010

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Residential Relief Foundation - Making A Living Off The Backs Of The Financially Desperate

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As a social worker I am required to intervene in situations where the elderly, disabled or infirm have been victimized by unscrupulous caregivers.Residential Relief Foundation, LLC cannot be categorized as a caregiver in this case, but did send an unsolicited letter to a client of mine offering to help him, "take care of" his mortgage problem.

The offer, which he accepted and paid for in full 3 months ago, came with a written guarantee from the company that he would begin receiving assistance the moment the check cleared. When we met for the first time at the end of October, nothing had been done to bring "relief" to his problem. He was behind on his mortgage payments due to illness and was receiving letters from his lender indicating foreclosure was imminent. Over the past three months, the only contact between he and RRF was about documents he knew he had sent that they were saying were never received.

He began to realize there was a problem at the end of October when he received a call stating the company had received "nothing" from him yet and if they were to begin work on his case, needed him to fax all his paperwork. Having lost confidence in their ability to assist him, he decided to exercise the guarantee he'd been given and request a full refund. This was denied. What transpired over the next two weeks is indicative of how damaged the mortgage system is in this country.

It also illustrates how RRF makes the choice to take advantage of people who cannot afford their housing due to illness, the economy or job loss, and make a profit off their misery. We were first told that the original fax number was inoperative. We were then told it worked, but got so many faxes that another fax was added and that was why they didn't get my client's faxes. Repeated offers to, "make things right" and "expedite" the case intermingled with customer service reps who engaged in aggressive selling tactics, did not allow us to get a word in edgewise during calls and who staunchly defended their inaction over the last three months by asserting it was the client's fault.

It is interesting these types of companies do not tell people anyone can apply for a modification on their own, with their lender and without cost. They market themselves as saviors; the only way to get through the modification process and avoid foreclosure. They prey on people's fears, take their money and do nothing. When my client finally contacted the bank on his own, he was told he did not qualify for a modification based on his debt to income ratio but was offered a face to face meeting with a bank representative to look at other means of relief.

Had RRF done this three months ago when my client first signed on, he would likely be three months ahead in resolving the problem. In the end, we informed RRF that any further communications would be with the Better Business Bureau, our state Attorney General's office, Maryland's State Attorney General's office and our State Division Of Banks. They relented and offered a full refund with the warning that they were, "severing all ties" with my client and neither he nor I were to contact them again. No problem there.

The moral of this story is: If you pay someone for a service and that service does not take place, it is appropriate to demand your money back. Don't give up. Advocate for yourself and if you can't, enlist the aide of a friend, relative or community organization. RRF and others like them make their living taking money from the vulnerable and scared, promising salvation and delivering nothing but frustration, anger and despair.

For my client this was about getting a much needed $1700 refund. For myself, it was about principle and the idea that it is wrong to take advantage of desperate people. It is also about educating people about the necessity of due diligence in researching any company that promises to help with something as serious as the potential loss of one's home.

RRF did not come by their D+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by fulfilling their promises to their clients.Don't become their next victim.

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I'm waiting to see what comes out of the trial.They have stolen about $1,500 from me.

After they got my money, I could not get on the website again. They kept telling me they had not received different documents that I kept sending. It was a mess. They stop calling back after they got my money.

Please keep me updated. I'm hoping to get all of my money back!

If you hear anything or have any info that would help please e-mail me at i am in columbus'ga.thanks!


I'm waiting to see what comes out of the trial.They have stolen about $1,500 from me.

After they got my money, I could not get on the website again. They kept telling me thay had not recieved different documents that I kept sending. It was a mess. They stop calling back after they got my money.

Please keep me updated. I'm hoping to get all of my money back!

If you hear anything or have any info that would help please e-mail me at i am in columbus'ga.thanks!


Dee Grant-

Did u get your money back...? sorry to give you no hope but i still havet receive anything yet..

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, United States #228261

no they did not have a lot of information personal account numbers bank statements and i am still fighting he mortgage sistuation :cry

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, United States #228260

:upset i paid this company 995.oo no results and not i hear they are a scam i contacted the bbb of maryland they informed me that most likely i want get my money back and probably forget about it


I just got their letter stating how I'm "seriously delinquent" and how "my case" has been assigned blah blah.Problem is I'm not delinquent and have never been late.

So tomorrow I'm calling them to see how they got this information, let them know they're trying to scam the wrong person and forward my letter over to the Attorney General.

These types try to make a killing before they're shut down.They won't be around for long so we need to post as many posts as we can exposing them, to help our fellow man and to make sure they won't go out with a profit!!



well at first everything seem as if they were going to help untill my wife told me they had charge us with an up front fee of 500.00, thats when i stared to worry, I can they charge for something they haven't assure us anything yet.

That same day i decided to get more info online and discovered lots of people getting ripoff by this company, so far i havent gotten my mony back im going to call today and claim my money!

I will get back with an up date.I you find a way or have any news please let us know, thank you!


my wife is going to call them today about the refund, i hope everything goes well. We really do need those 500.00 i will get back to yall and inform you how it go! Thanks!

Blisworth, England, United Kingdom #212472


My best advice is to be persistent in requesting your refund, don't let them talk you into giving them more time or another chance.Inform them you intend to contact the Better Business Bureaus and the state attorney general's office for your state and theirs, your state division of banks, insurance commission, anyone you think of who can advocate on your behalf including your state rep in congress or state sentator's office.

You can apply for a modification directly through your bank. The paperwork is involved but if you've kept records of your expenses and income, it should be doable.

Let me know how you make out.Good luck.



Did the RRF help you in re-modifying your loan? I too, have started the process with them and after reading this post, I am a little nervous. We can not afford a scam.


We gave them all our information, and so far got charged 500.00 dollars is there still any way to get a refund..?please, we are having a difficult time right now, mi wife is pregnant and we have three kids so a scam like this one would really affect our lifes.

If you could reply with any advice it would great!thank you.

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